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Tokyo Sushi Hibachi Catering provides Hibachi Catering in Tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia. Backyard hibachi catering. private hibachi catering. corporate events, weddings, private events. Large to small events. Chef will bring hibachi entertain to your home. Fresh food and unforgettable monment. Hire  private hibachi chef is a unique idea. It has been popupar in people's backyards, beaches, private home, venues. We can set up hibachi table on any space out side.

Introducing Our Hibachi At-Home Service:
Elevate your dining experience with sizzling meats, fresh veggies, and expert chefs—all in the comfort of home. Personalized, convenient, and safe, our service brings the magic of hibachi cuisine to your doorstep. Enjoy quality ingredients, skilled chefs, and unforgettable memories with loved ones. Say goodbye to crowded restaurants and hello to a new era of gourmet dining. 

Tokyo Sushi Hibachi Catering provides high quality hibachi chefs throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New York City, Long Island. Click through to learn more!


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